Monday, January 9, 2012

Spread the word

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Please help to spread the word about the animal abuse in China. I come across people everyday who have no idea. If each one of you could tell one person about what they are doing to the animals in China we will make great strides. This is something that has to be stopped and the help is not going to come from inside of China but from the outside.

And please always check to see if there is an American substitute item you can buy instead of the one from China.

God speed


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  1. thank-you so much for trying to make a difference. I bawl and bawl everytime I look at those horric pictures of abuse. I own animals and take such excellent care of them.. to see hides and pelts ripped off of dogs and other animals especially while they are still alive is so utterly barbaric ...God bring judgement to these Chinese people who laugh and scorn the helpless may the same cruelty be done to them and their loved ones..lets see if they are still laughing!!


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