Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chinese Eating Their Own Babies

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I thought this was urban legend so I started out to prove it was a hoax..I was wrong. It was reported in The Seoul Times of Chinese eating babies for sexual prowess which can be bought , I believe it was $70.

Here is the link..for the actual paper. Warning the images are heartbreaking to say the least.Chinese Eat their own babies


  1. Gosh ... this is sick and hard to grasp.

  2. Just when I thought I've heard and seen it all I get proven wrong

  3. I absolutly have no respect for china and its ways.. these people in my eyes are crazy and do not care about how they treat anything! This along with everything else prooves what a terrible nation they are!

  4. Oh my god.. there are no words for this behavior. Iam sickend by the Chinese. They need to be locked up they will eat anything. I will no longer eat there food nor will I have respect for them. SHAME ON U CHINA.

  5. you should do your research first before posting stuff like these. this is from an artist in china wherein he depicted some gruesome scenes of eating unborn babies.
    it is GROSS and ridiculous to be called art, but check your facts first. i came here for legit info!

  6. I know Chinese/China. They eat babies and fetus for real.


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